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Google Mind Melds With Trekkies

Resistance is futile. You will be compiled.

As part of the 40th anniversary of the legendary science fiction series Star Trek, Google has set up shop in Las Vegas at the 5th Annual Official Star Trek Convention for Trekkies looking to sharpen their programming knowledge.

The Google booth, which has a starship bridge motif, features Google programmers, engineers and product managers who can discuss a variety of APIs, including Google Earth KML, the Google AJAX Search API, Google Calendar's data API and the Google Gadgets API.

Microsoft Extends a Hand To Mozilla

It may be August, but they're having a snowball fight in Hell right about now.

The head of Microsoft's open source lab extended a very public offer to the Mozilla community to work to insure Mozilla software will run properly on Windows Vista.

Firefox 2.0: Mozilla's Tabs Overfloweth

For many Windows users, tabbed browsing is a key attraction for the Mozilla family of browsers. The ability to add multiple 'tabbed' views within one browser window is a feature that some users like to push to extremes.

Microsoft's current stable production version of Internet Explorer does not include tabs, though its next generation version 7 (currently at Beta 3) does.
So how many tabs can you fit in one window? No matter how many you can fit into Firefox 1.5.x, the next release of Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 will give you more.
Using a default configuration in Firefox 1.5.x, at a screen resolution of 1024x768, in tests performed by 34 tabs can be squeezed in before they start to get lost.
A user can add more than 34 tabs but in a default Firefox 1.5.x installation, those tabs will fall off the end of the tab bar and will not be very usable. Even at 34 tabs, the default tab width makes it difficult to figure out which tab is which.



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iCarta - The iPod that lets you roll with it

Tuesday 11 July 2006

It gives a completely new meaning to the phrase 'rock 'n' roll'. For boffins have invented a cutting-edge gadget combining a portable music player and a toilet paper dispenser.

The state-of-the-art device - called an iCarta - makes it easier for people to listen to beats while using the bathroom.

It is designed, according to the US manufacturers, to "enhance your experience in the smallest room".

The gadget, which costs around $99, or £54, merges an iPod docking station with a loo roll dispenser.

After music lovers have downloaded songs from the internet on their iPod, they can place it in a socket in the top of the dispenser.

Then while sitting on the toilet, using the shower or luxuriating in a bubble bath, they can listen to their favourite tunes.

The device delivers high-quality sounds from moisture-resistant speakers, according to the manufacturer Atech Flash Technology.

It also re-charges the iPod while playing songs - either pre-programmed or a random selection.

The iCarta, which is 8 inches wide, 7 inches deep and three inches high and designed to be mounted on the bathroom wall, is powered by rechargeable batteries.

It is the latest hi-tech contraption that features an MP3 player.

Manufacturers have already produced a robotic dogs that 'dances' when someone connects it to a music player and DJs are beginning to forsake vinyl records and CDs for mixing desks which use iPods.

And in April, the Mail told how the latest model of the classic Swiss Army Knife featured a detachable MP3 player.

It meant owners of the state-of-the-art knife could store and play up to 250 songs downloaded from the Internet.

One website which reviews the latest technology described the iCarta as "one of the stranger iPod accessories we've ever seen".

But it is certainly ideal for anyone wanting to listen to rock band Oasis' number one single 'Roll With It'.


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